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Google Guru

Jayant Gandhi is just like any other youngster but with a difference!

At the age of 24, Jayant holds a Bachelors in Information from University of Delhi and is pursuing Masters in Computers Technology from IIT Delhi. He is also the mastermind behind www.nibbleguru.com, a website that provides free technical support and help to home PC users and strictly runs on ‘no profit no loss’ basis. The queries posted by people on the website are answered by many professional volunteers. So whether you are infected with a virus or a spyware or your system does not boot, these people will fix your computer for free.

Other than the remarkable achievement of putting up this website, this bachelor is also known for something incredible! He is one of those thousands on Google’s shadow payroll. He recently began running ads by Google on his homepage as a part of Google Adsense, a program that pays website publishers for advertising space. When visitors’ click the ads on nibbleguru.com Google makes a small profit from the advertiser and in turn pays a percent of that profit to Jayant. This New Delhi kid earns as much as $ 1000 a month from these ads. This added income has helped him pursue his higher studies, among other benefits that have come his way.

Presently, he is also a moderator at www.PHPBuilder.com and the administrator of www.WebHelp.net. Jayant has won many technical, programming awards at the national level. He also writes articles for top computer magazines of India.

This young, enterprising, intelligent computer whiz is making it big and setting an example for others his age!

– Aaishwari Chouhan

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