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Android one

Google Android One: Should you buy one?

So if you have heard the buzz about Android one but not sure exactly what is it. Then we are here to give you some insight.

What is Android one?

Android one is an initiative by Tech giant Google, to provide first class software experience at low cost in developing nation like India. By low cost they mean devices which cost under 100 $ which means these devices will fall in Rs 6000-6600 range.

How this is made possible?

Google partnered with Indian smartphone manufacturers Micromax, Spice and Karbon to create such low cost android one devices. And these special device will get software updates directly from google. So you wonÔÇÖt have to depend on the manufacture to release the update which usually take months or sometimes never get released.

So Android One devices will bring you┬áon a┬áequal footing┬áwith premium Nexus devices in terms of over the air updates. If you are an android user then you already know┬áwhat a┬ábig deal it is. With Android one you wonÔÇÖt have to think of buying new device just because your old handset has old version of android. Or go through the hassle of rooting and flashing on any third party rom.

What about the hardware?     

Not all devices from the above manufacturers will come under the Android One category. Just like Nexus devices, Android One devices will have to follow certain guide lines in order to qualify Android One category. And these guide lines also set minimum hardware requirement.  This way Google will be controlling the both software and hardware experience and making sure that you get the best user experience.

So you wonÔÇÖt face the problem of inferior hardware device running latest software and ruining the whole thing.

What else is included?

Google not only partnered with manufacturers but also the telecom operators like Airtel. So you will free apps and software update data for six months. So if you donÔÇÖt have high bandwidth wi-fi connection and you are too concerned about the cellular data usage then this plan comes as a boon.

When these devices will be released and where can I buy?

Three devices have already been launched under Android One banner.

Micromax Canvas A1 which is available in Amazon India in Rs 6499/-

Karbonn Sparkle V is available in Snapdeal in Rs 6399.

Spice Dream Uno is available in Flipkart in Rs 6299.

How does Google’s android one compare with Samsung on features

The closest a Samsung devices comes with these features is the Galaxy Grand Quattro. With a 1 GB ram, Quad core processor, Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean OS, and a 5MP primary camera, costs 11,800/- plus on snapdeal ( this price may fall soon),

The Android One gives you all these hardware features and the android Kit Kat OS 4.4

What about after sales services?

You will get the same after sales services support from the manufacturer.

So this is the part where Google wonÔÇÖt be able to help you much. ItÔÇÖs all on the shoulders of your android one device manufacturer. But still you can expect fewer problems due to software glitches.

So is it worth taking the risk to go in for the Android one, even though the warranty and after sales service of companies like Micromax  sucks? You decide.

So Android one is a great pocket friendly initiative by Google. And it has arrived at the right time when it was needed. And it solves two major issues. First, local manufacturer started selling high price devices with not up to the par software experience.  And second, other low cost devices with different operating system like Firefox OS entered the market. So with Android one Google is keeping the price low and same time delivering very good software experience.

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