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As an avid reader, I would definitely pick a book over its movie adaptation, but the film Godfather is something else. Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather, starring Marlon Brandon and Al Pacino, is a film par excellence. Released in 1972, the film had 10 ten nominations at the Oscars and won the Best Film Award. It is the baap of all gangster movies.

Although Al Pacino has portrayed some memorable characters on screen, playing Michael Corleone was perhaps the best thing he ever did. However, the movie belonged to Don Vito played by Marlon Brandon. He is a complicated mobster. Although he is the top mafia man he with an unlikely set of ethics. For instance, he will never deal in drugs and is willing to fight for his beliefs. He made the words “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” immortal. Nobody can forget his raspy voice, delicate yet deliberate movements and that unnerving stare. So convincing is Brando as Don Vito, that for the lay man, he has become the face of the crafty Sicilian mafia
Although you watch the film as a viewer, you cannot help but get involved involved in every nuance of the film — from Don Vito’s overpowering presence to Carmella Corleone’s silent one.


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