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God of Mod

Andrew Arora is a pimp. For people’s rides! What didya think!

Not satisfied with the latest model of a car or a bike you just bought? Want it to reflect your personality? Leave it to Andrew Arora. The trio of Andrew, automobiles and airbrushing have been a riot for the last 13 years. For all ignorant people, airbrushing is making murals, graphics, and other artwork on automobiles, motorcycles and helmets.

Early days
Although it’s not very well-known in India, Andrew has managed to get his own set of clients. His love for this profession began while he was studying in the US. Working as a freelance tattoo artist, allowed Andrew to explore his artistic side. “I was good at art and drawing. I had started with mechanical engineering, but it wasn’t creative. So I deviated to tattooing and then went on to airbrush.”

Underground movement
After coming to India, Andrew set up his workshop in Vashi. All his designs are different and artistic. Quite famous among his clients, he is not very keen on marketing himself. “Ours is more like an underground movement,” he says. “We don’t want to commercialise this business because then it becomes faceless.” Andrew gives each client a customised and original design, unless the client insists on getting ‘what his friend has’. Each client chooses a theme like hip-hop, skulls, etc, and then Andrew works on ideas. While ‘flames’ was a popular theme a while ago, ‘skulls’ are an all-time favourite.

Rich clientele
“Majority of my clients are very rich. They have everything and are looking for something customised. Designing their cars and bikes is a way of self-expression,” says Andrew. His own car is perfect example. “Till date, it’s my best creation. I spent a lot of time on its detailing, which is not a liberty you get with a client’s car. I have painted evil clowns, which reflect that we are fun people, but still serious when it comes to work.”

With an average of two cars and two bikes per month, Andrew’s profession is a thriving one. He doesn’t have any favourite cars or bikes, although he would love to design a vanity van. For him, every vehicle is a new challenge, “I would love to design even a Fiat. The car doesn’t really matter.” With things working well, he is planning to expand soon, as he even gets offers from Gujarat and Punjab. But, he wants to take it slowly since he wants proper artists for all the different work that they will get. If all goes well then soon, we might see a few unique automobiles speeding away in every city!

You can call Andrew on 9819193391

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