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GoD is in ControL

A time when you really hoped for a deserving success, happy outcome, but just somehow missed it. Remember the days before the final results of Board exams…the period when your anxiety oozes from every little pore in your body. Do we not often face the same tremors all over even today?

For people who believe in God up there, that’s probably the time we pray a lot, go to the temple, and talk to god with the sweetest tone, and even buy ladoos.

Somehow we all have broken down when all our expectations, all our hard work went to vain. I have often spoken to God and asked him two questions – why did he do this to me and why ME!!!(I don’t get any replies though). No matter what, I feel as a lonely victim of all the troubles. Until my next wish.

The funny part is who gets the blame for the unsuccessful consequence…it’s GOD.

Poor God must be finding difficult to register the unlimited requests knocking his door daily. Good that he is not like the Delhi Police therefore he doesn’t even try to convince you that the real offence was committed by you not the person you are calling the CRIMINAL. Let’s face it – we are those morons who can’t honestly accept that we failed because we lacked. Every time something goes wrong it’s “Bhagwan Ji” and the “FATE bhai sahib” (Saala..mera toh BAD luck hi kharab hai!)

If God actually exists, more than just our faith in something divine, I am sure he must be having time of his life listening to endless, flavoured desires. No offence, but a Gujarati would wish for a wealthy and handsome boy for his daughter who needs to be Gujarati , a Marwari would wish for a Marwari , a student somewhere must be praying to at least pass in his exams , next door aunty would be wishing for your new car to get scratched, girls wishing to get slimmer, somebody wishing to eat fries with cheese sauce…the list goes on –dancing in the rain , getting passes for the concert, visit Venice………

You see how difficult it gets for our dear Bhagwan ji to prioritize such important wishes. He too needs to sit with the excel sheet and jot down each one so that no one remains unsatisfied, and ladoos keeps coming to him (as ladoos is what it takes to get him fulfil our longings). So let’s all buy as many Kg’s of ladoos for as many aspirations we possess, walk to the temple , buy flowers , knock on his door (mandir ka Ghanta bajao) and ask what you want.

If after all this your request is not granted, then definitely HE is to be blamed!!!

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