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Girls! Girls! Girls! – what’s going on inside?

A joke I heard in the movie Hum Tum. First of all God created this world, He was happy with what he did and rested for some days. Then He created Boys and was so happy with His creation that he rested some more days. And then He made a big mistake, He created Girls. Since then neither God nor the guys could live happily and the world was divided into two – Boys and Girls.

Those of us are out studying away from our parents, this independence brings along many other things which manipulate our minds and happily enter our lives. Today there is not much difference between a guy and a gal. The main and only difference (other than physicality) I find is that a guy is straight forward and whatever he does is known by all whereas a gal is not always straight forward. She hides and enjoys her life in the way she finds it best (either alone or in a gang). Girls are always interesting with the thought process they have. We’ll discuss GIRLS today. The biggest topic one can ever study (even bigger than science). The things that girls do in hostels are usually common such as watching x rated stuff, and at times taking bath in front of washroom, not inside it.

Now I have seen girls of three categories- Studious/Boring, Independent/Regular, and Challenging/Notorious.

The studious girls basically study hard and score good marks. They do nothing. Attend classes, get back to hostel and revise. Make their parents proud and themselves dull. They are very boring. They are not much different than what they are when with parents. Neither their dressing style changes nor they do anything special when out. Earlier the girls of this category used to wear salwar kameez , they wear kurtis, jeans and tees. They would wear anything decent. They are exactly how they look, talk, and walk. Nothing really hideous about them.

The regular girls are the ones we come across most. They are independent, not too much into studies but then not against it too. They study one night before exam and the marks are such that along with them their parents are happy too. They experiment on whatever ‘good’ things they can. They roam around, watch movies, late night calls with boyfriend, make-up experiments and so on.These girls tend to change a little when away from home. For example, they may now wear stylish tees, skirts, and one-piece. They experiment with their attire in almost decent manner. They look decent but not all are really decent. As they say, “andar se kuch aur hai, bahar se kuch aur”.

I’ve been surrounded by different kinda people …who smoke, drink and dance, party hard, watch porn. This stuff was usual….normal stuff. Even I did things now that were earlier, ‘weird’.

Now the third category is of notorious girls. They carry their ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude. They do anything and everything. They try out with whatever they can and whatsoever comes to their mind without giving it a thought. Their outfit completely changes once they leave their home. Jeans is cut into shorts or ripped off in between. There are no ‘decent’ apparel in their wardrobe except for those they need when visiting family. They are the ones who’d go for piercings on their body. The other simpler categories of women may call them ‘psychos’ because they have reached where the others are still trying to get at.

I would like to share an example of my friend in hostel. I used to witness some funny things she did when left alone in the room. Her daily task after bath and before I come after my bath was that she used to remove all her clothes (literally) and watch herself in mirror. God knows what she liked about it but she repeated it daily. She used to admire and smile at herself.

Other than freeing herself from clothes her other activities included experimenting with waxing. She used to wax for herself but never admitted it. This is the problem with some girls. They will never admit what they do.

My other roomie in other hostel was of another example of this kind. But then I once heard her have phone sex with some random guy on internet!

This girl could get high anytime. And when she did, I had to run out of my room. Indication of her getting high was when she did all stupid things such as hitting something or so. I once peeked through the window and found her doing really weird things (now this is a decent youth magazine so I wont go any further).

Somehow I managed to be safe with these two girls and found other roommates later on. As guys say, it’s true that predicting girls is not easy. But then girls are unique in their own way (except some like the above).

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