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Gimme Some-osa!

JAM goes out in hunt of the good, and the plain ugly versions of the Classic Canteen samosa.

The pyramid shaped gastronomical delight is the staple diet of many a college student. And an instant cure to boredom from a pakau lecture. But not all canteen samosas are created equal. Some are more equal than others

Siddharth from KITS, Bhubaneshwar loves his canteen samosas. “You get three for 5 bucks wonly but the chutney is yucky.” NMite, Zubin Shah believes that the samosa in his college are a dream delight but are expensive for 12 bucks per plate. “You get lots of aloo n thoda-sa chaska of mutter.” For once, the chutney is termed as “yummy” and the samosa is fried golden to perfection.

At Wadia College in Pune, Mehak says that the samosa pavs are the most wanted item on the menu. At 5 bucks, you get a good combo of aloo, mutter, green chillies. But fitness freaks might despise these oily samosas.

Aakriti Arora from IP College, Delhi likes the ‘imli’ and ‘hari’ chutney accompanied with it and opines “at 2 bucks a piece, it is the fastest selling item here.”

On the other hand, there is the strictly OK variety. Jaggu from VPM College, Mulund gives JAM his brute opinion. “Stuffing is less, the taste is nothing great and no chutney.” No chutney, what a rip off dude! Though Jaggu likes the fact that the price is negotiable for his gang, but it is otherwise priced at 3.50 per piece. Abhinav simply exclaims “Eeeewwwwhh! The samosas at MGM College, Nerul at Rs 3.50 a piece are a total waste of money!” At Bandra where one finds some of the best food joints, Nirja from National College advises junta against her canteen samosas. “It’s way too oily.”

But the King of crappy samosas is the Lord’s College version. “It tastes like puke. The stuffing consists of leftover vegetables, and the chutney is usually 2-3 days old” says Kuldip.

JAM’s Verdict: Chutneys seem to be a problem all over. So, some working required in that department. Every Samosa should have the basic aloo and mutter and don’t be too gracious with the oil, please!

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