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Germany: We are the Champions

The final showdown of the football world cup between Germany and Argentina was definitely a magnum opus. The game right from the start was a neck to neck display of excellent sportsmanship. Philipp Lahm and his team after their colossal victory over a great team like Brazil were favourites to win the cup. And they didn’t disappoint their fans, their entire nation and of course an ardent supporter who witnessed history being made at the Maracana stadium Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Argentina could have toppled Germany and score early with those close calls courtesy Gonzalo Higuain. But Lahm and his gang played a great game of footsies and came out guns blazing against Argentina’s players and goalie Sergio Romero. Germany had its fair share of attempts to score but unfortunately their skillful game-play in the first half resulted in nada. The first half had its exhilarating, intriguing and nail-biting moments but no breakthroughs.

Both teams are  strong on defence. Germany’s defence has been its hallmark. Some of their best players are defenders. Argentina has had two of their last three matches going into extra time. Which again shows excellent Argentine defence, but frontline unable to score.

Thomas Muller and Bastian Schweinsteiger were great for the Germans while for Argentina Lionel Messi tried his best but hands down the star performer was still Javier Mascherano. But valiant efforts from both teams couldn’t change the scoreboards during full time.

Game changer :  The 88th minute substitution

Germany and football enthusiasts worldwide would never have expected that a substitution during the 88th minute of the match would turn out to be the game changer.


With Germany’s Mario Goetze coming in for seasoned pro Miroslav Klose during the closing moments of the 90 minute game didn’t help the scoreboards change. The match being goal-less went into a decisive and extremely nerve-wracking extra-time. Both teams played their hearts out and tried to build up a punching climax. In the most thrilling manner an unlikely and unimaginable hero-the substitute Germany’s Mario Goetze rose to the cult status of a superhero when he scored the first and deciding goal for his team in the 113th minute of the game.

Messi and his men tried every trick in the book to level the scores during extra-time. But he knew he was always going to be a marked man. The final whistle blew and Germany was crowned the new football world cup champions. A title they truly deserve. Kudos! Germany.

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