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2019 Elections…and my regret.

 8.30 AM on the 29th of April, 2019. My mom unlocks the door and comes in to the bedroom, shows me her left hand, and promptly takes a picture of her inked finger to post it on her WhatsApp status declaring, “I voted”.  That’s when it hit me; I am 18 but I did not vote!

I spiraled and texted 5 of my friends just to check if I was the only one. I was a bit relieved two of them hadn’t voted and so we instantly became the “non voters” of the group!

 It was crazy! I started hating myself for being an irresponsible citizen at such a crucial time in Indian political history. It was a huge loss. I couldn’t play my part in changing the course of our future.

I had filled out and submitted the form on the site www.nvsp.in sometime in March, but it got rejected. I was disappointed and re-did the process, but in vain. I certainly wish that the process was made easier. It looked like at that time that the Election authorities were holding me back from registering. I felt so helpless at the time.

Later on in the day, many of my socially active friends posted pictures of their inked fingers, and I was at home suffering from FOMO.

Now who to blame? Was it my fault or was it the election commission’s?

I first blamed the system and then I also blamed myself for not having done more. Maybe I never took the whole process seriously and did not understand the importance of the phrase, “make your vote count”.

I have also accepted the fact that, come 23rd May, whoever wins this election, I have lost my right to criticize. Being so opinionated and outspoken, I will now have to remain neutral!! It just makes me furious and disheartened at the same time.

I have learnt my lesson. I will take the necessary actions to get myself enrolled in the voter’s list now, and not wait for the next elections, i.e. the state elections coming up in September, 2019. I will not let this happen, again.

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