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As the dreaded day has arrived, CAT aspirants are a nervous lot. Pooja Biraia consults Vinayak Kudva, Product Head, IMS Learning for advice on time management

The best approach to adopt a few days before D-day?
It is in a student’s best interest to take full length tests a few days before the exam to be able to identify his/her strength and weaknesses. While it is important to take tests, it is equally important to analyse yourself after each test. This works wonders when you hardly have days left for the exam. Also, given that CAT is held over a window of 24 days, those students who have days left before the exam can take a couple of tests more but the idea is to take just enough tests and utilise the time to improve yourself.
For topics you find difficult.
While students should pay more attention on their areas of strength during the last lap of their exam preparation, it is equally important to try and solve the easier questions from the topics you find difficult as you cannot afford to completely ignore those topics. The number of questions in the CAT has considerably come down, so you hardly have any choice but to solve most of the questions.
Make the most of the minutes during
the exam…
The test requires the student to show equal competency across all the sections. So, time management is essential to maximise the score in each of the three sections. Break the entire test duration into small units, such as about 5-10 minute units in order to make efficient usage
of time.
As soon as you see the paper…
As it is a computer based test, you may not be able to scan through all the questions, but the moment you come onto a question make a quick decision whether you are going to do it right away or come back to it later. The faster you make the decisions, the better.
The idea is to maximise…
It is important to solve as many questions as possible but at the same time you should not get bogged down by a particular question and let it affect you. If you think a particular question will take more time, you can attempt it later.
So what if not the IIMs!
Getting into the IIMs is not the end of the world; there are many other reputed institutes as well. Some prominent institutes like S.P.Jain, Welingkars, TAPMI, IIFT, accept CAT scores. In totality there are about 158 other institutes actually accept the CAT scores.
How different is CAT 2010?
As far as the structure of the paper is concerned, it should not change much because there would be three sections and 60 questions in all and 20 questions per section. The weightage might vary, but in terms of the nature of questions it is unlikely to change massively. ‘Reasoning’ would definitely be important and most of the questions are bound to be reasoning- based.
Chill Guys!
You have been studying all throughout the year and have prepared to the best of your ability, now is the time to implement all the hard efforts that have gone into the preparation, so just gear up and go there, give your best shot. Staying calm is the key!

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