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2009 is going to be the year of the franchise extension. Which is not to say that these games are un-original or lack creativity. All our picks for the year are sequels to successful and iconic games of their time. Some we’ve pre-tested and some we just can’t wait to get our hands on.

Killzone 2
Killzone 2 promises to be the Halo 3 of 2008. With unparalleled graphics and an enemy AI that is so real, it’s disturbing (full review coming in the next issue!), the game packs in more bite than its predecessor, and perhaps most games that will release in ’09. The commercial package of the game will come HD ready for the PlayStation 3 and will probably make its way to the PlayStation Portable as well. The game is scheduled to release at the end of Feb, and should make its way to India by early March.

Street Fighter 4
Anyone who’s played arcade games in India, or has owned one of those early-‘90s, 8-bit consoles, will be familiar with the Street Fighter franchise. Now, for the first time, our beloved mano-e-mano beat ‘em up will head to 3D, while being served on what is inherently a 2D platform. We got a sneak peak at the game and can tell you now that if you played this as a kid, you’re going to love it now.

Resident Evil 5
After four successful instalments of a franchise, it’s tough to be excited about any more additions. With Resident Evil however, the story is different. Each instalment has brought us some feature which we played and went, “Where has this been all my life?” This time around we’re brought a co-op mode that kicks the butt (or in technical terms, pwns) of co-op modes in any other game that we have played so far.

Gran Turismo 5
The much anticipated GT5 was previewed last year with the gorgeous looking GT5 Prologue. With multiple racing genres to chose from, and a selection of the most scenic views in any racing simulator, GT5 promises to be a race fan’s dream.

God of War 3
When God of War 2 hit the PS2, gamers across the world couldn’t wait to see how the game would turn out on the higher performance PS3. And in ’09 their wish will be granted. God of War 3 will exclusively be released for the PS3 and will feature a full HD version of the game with new plot lines and a graphics masterpiece. We cant wait!

– Arjun

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