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Games People Play

Cross ‘n’ Zero is passe and Name-Place-Animal-Thing is boring. JAMmers speak about the things they do to relieve themselves from the boredom of a lecture.

Me and my friends used to play Football Hangman during lectures. The game was simple Hangman but only names of football players or clubs were allowed. It’s quite addictive if you’re a footy fanatic.
– Tejas Totade, VeSIT

Who would wanna play sluggish games like X and zero when we have superb and challenging and violent games like Pen Fight. All you have to do is keep a pen at one corner of the desk and your opponent keeps his pen at he other corner of the desk. Each person starts with pushing the pen once. You keep doing this till one persons’ pen falls off the desk… and voila the one whose pen is on the desk is the winner!! Not very brain-taxing but fun nevertheless.
– Manasi Raje, Nationals, Mumbai

– Yavnika,SS Coll of Business studies Delhi

In order to avoid falling asleep in the chemistry lecture and to scribble anything else other than those stupid chemical equations we play the Hangman and Connect the dots. We have also started a game called ‘who sketches the best’ where we sketch the prof on the ‘holy’ back page and compare each others’ sketches for the ‘Best sketch of the Lecture.’ If it gets too boring, then we disturb others by missed calls or blank SMSes.
– The Game

My all time favourite? Borrow a classmate’s cell phone, change it from silent to loud and give him a call. Wicked huh?
– Samarth Singh, Tolani Maritime, Pune

We all solve the Sudoku and Crossword in the newspaper, but the paper ultimately ends up in pieces. Then these pieces are further utilised to make balls which we throw at each other. That’s called optimal utlization in BMS!
– Chirag Bhatia, Jai Hind, Mumbai

The best timepass in a lecture, is playing mobile games. And if you have a Bluetooth enabled phone, then boredom is an alien word. That’s what I do, play games with friends using bluetooth. Games like snake, racing, you can even play FIFA or gulli cricket on a cell phone.
– Mitul Kajaria

The most popular game in my college these days is Who/ what/ where game. All you need is 4 people and 4 slips of paper. Now one chap writes the name of any guy in his class on his paper. At the same time the second one writes a girl’s name on his paper. The 3rd one writes ‘where they meet’ and the 4th guy writes ‘what they do.’ Now hold all 4 papers together and you get an interesting scene! After each round, you can exchange the papers, so everybody gets to show their creative prowess! And after two rounds, you can actually visualise people in those scenes. Try it out once and u’ll know!
– Ravi Apte, Wadia’s, Pune

My fav. game is the ‘Imaginary game’… it’s a huge hit in my class and I invented it. Basically we form a group of people and then each person is asked an ‘imaginary question’ – about a situation that is unlikely to happen but the answer should be given as if the incident actually happened. Eg. – What if all your clothes disappeared right at this moment… what wud u do? OR What if you found out that your best friend is gay and has a crush on u? It’s great fun and we can all ask sorts of stupid (even a little dirty!) questions to each other…
– Abhishek Gaike

I try to get my pen on my bench-mate’s notebook. She tries her hardest to evade the scribbles and a muted, but deft pen-fight ensues.
– Sowmya Nagarajan, MSU, Baroda.

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