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Gamers abound @ Exodus

Exodus, the Podar college gaming fest is in its sixth year and going strong. The event was well organized, with hardly any technical glitches, something rare for gaming festivals. All the action was centered around the massive CS (Condition Zero) projection in the middle of the assembly hall, where CS clans battled it out with each other. Established clans from Navi Mumbai to Nashik to Pune had participated. If you don’t know what clans are, they are either Type (A) Five extremely dorky pale skinned “people” who fidget whenever a computer screen is not in front of them, have evolved tactics more complicated than an European football team, and kick butt or ruin the fun of or Type (B) five random buddies who have casually showed up and have to be taught which key to press to fire. There was plenty of action when the type A clans battled it out against the type A clans, but many a times it was an A ruthlessly butchering a B, which the crowd, amazingly enough, seemed to relish even more.

Quite a few people showed up for the NFS Underground 2 event too. AMD had provided their new Sempron chips, which is as yet unused anywhere else, and the difference in the graphics showed. However, true NFS fans were murmuring about the fact that Underground 2 was used instead of Most Wanted.

Exodus was also the platform to launch A3, the new MOMRPG game in India (sort of like Ragnorak) only. But not many people showed up to play the game. The Mobile gaming section also had a grand total of one participant three hours into the festival. This time round, the festival also has a Car and Bike show, although people were wondering when these would show up. The second day of the fest featured rappelling from the main tower.

Prizes up for grabs included courses from MAAC worth upto two lakhs, internships at indiagames (the mobile gaming event sponsors), flash drives, mobile phones, et cetera.

Bottomline: A resounding success for the CS or NFS U2 nuts, but only a start in the RPG and mobile gaming department.

– Aditya MJ

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