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Game Review- SCRABBLE

Have you ever felt lost for words during an argument? Isn’t it slightly awkward when all your words keep repeating over and over again, like you are reading it out of a textbook? Do you feel that the dispute could have been better if you could have thrown some fancy synonyms for ‘Idiot’?

Or on the other hand, are you the types who have an extensive vocabulary, and are just waiting for the chance to use words like ‘insidious’ and ‘grandeur’?

Well there is good news for both of you kinds. EA and Mattel have come out with a ‘new game’ that is actually older than Charlemagne’s grandparents.

SCRABBLE: the game that causes more arguments about English language than USA-England conventions. The game is now out on Androids, iPads/iPhones, Kindle and Facebook. EA adds the new social element to the game, meaning now you can argue with your friends even if they aren’t present. You can connect to friends via Facebook or the Origins. The game requires a strong internet connection, so in a way it’s not a free game since you have to spend on 3G recharges instead. The game also works on normal internet connections if you have the patience of an accomplished Buddha monk.

The graphics for the game are alright, nothing special enough to increase the size of this review. There is nothing that you haven’t seen in this game, even the game-play is exactly the same it has been since forever. The game boasts of a feature called the ‘teacher’, which is by far the most frustrating AI implemented in any game! Every time you write a word for 16 points and feel like a genius for thinking of it, the Teacher will make a frown face and tell you about a word that you missed that could have got you 32734 points and Kate Upton’s personal number. However the added element to this old dish is the genius behind its increasing popularity. The social connection with friends and family makes this game all the more exciting.

This game is really helpful for English literature students, Writers, and for the people who are bored standing alone waiting for the train. If you need help with your English and are too broke to spend your money on those ‘Englis Speeking Kourses’, this app can actually increase your vocabulary like a cop’s potbelly. The only thing you will have to worry about is how to use your titanic lexicon in phrases so that your mediocre friends’ craniums can comprehend your words.

And when you start playing, please add me. I’m tired of losing to the computer; I rather lose to real player instead. Sigh…

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Aditya is a humour writer and awaiting to publish his first book. He is passionate about gaming, and has trained in animation. He resides in Pune.