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Fr. Agnel Engg. College, Vashi

It is located at Vashi and students have to go through visa hassles to travel to college. The legendary Alcatraz looks up to us for effective prison management. 🙂

There are huge green lawns (also used as soccer ground), a decent workshop, well maintained hostels and a common canteen serving yummy lassi. The security guard at the gate believes the college is a secret defense installation prone to terrorist attack and prohibits anyone without an ID card from entering, even if they’re freshers looking for application forms.

The crowd consists of a variety of Marathi, Hindi and tapori hindi speakers. None of them can speak grammatically correct English! Most of them have schooled from Fr. Agnel school and Jr. College. So after passing out of school, it’s time for pink pants and magenta tops coupled with snazzy eighty rupees ka blue glares. Students have to report to college in the morning for an assembly session, complete with ‘Thought for the day’ and national anthem!

Courses offered:
Degree and diploma courses ranging from Mechanical to Computers. Donations out here are bizarre and the administration won’t refrain from asking for “Two lakhs and a set of tablas for the college!”

The authorities seem to be obsessed by an ex-Agnelite whizkid who made it to NASA for a competition. Now, they’re planning on including astronomy as a subject. Get a grip on yourselves people!

Ranges from ghaatis to South Indians. Also there are few misfits like a maths professor who was born with a tongue in his nose and a bloated electronics teacher who’s a kilo short of a world record. Stay in their good books or it could cost you a lot!

Hostel Facilities:
For international students (I’m not kidding, we have them) and others, the hostel facilities are decent, provided girls don’t mind their room door being slammed open at midnight by a supposedly concerned man draped in white.

The college library(???!!), canteen and Santosh vada-pao wala.

-Samarth Singh
(Ex-Agnelite, glad to be outta there!)

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