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Winter Formals – What to wear what not to

Ummm… Blue…naaa…red…Oh no I look too chic…ummm…. black? Ewww it’s too tight… then white, ohhho I look too plump…and what aboutaccessories? Aaahhh let me check what Sonam Kapoor wore lately… Alas! But this won’t look good on me… OH GOD HELP!!!

If this is what even you have been experiencing, then freeze your thoughts and get ready to donate some of your clothes as shopping, dresses and fashion will become a happy ending bash for you. As the year passes, it’s time to update you and your wardrobe in a unique way.

 #1 Make it Subtle & Classy, the new Black -Navy Blue

Subtle and classy; Navy Blue is the new Black

Subtle and classy; Navy Blue is the new Black

Blacks have always been considered as classy colours for any occasion. Today, all the charm of classiness has been stolen by this shade of blue as it gives a sheer feminine feel to every woman and on every occasion. Also, many of the designers call Navy Blue the new aged Black.


 #2 Give your personality a real strong posture by ‘TUCKING IT IN’:

Tuck it in

Tuck it in

Wearing a pant and a tee is boring, casual and not too attractive. This basic style of dressing is a NO NO this season. Give your casual look a high definition by just tucking in your Tee inside your pants and see the difference. It will make you look taller and sharper. Also, you can try this look with skirts, palazzos and denims. Accessorize the look with funky belts and neckpieces. Woahlaaa! Great to go you hit-stuff.

If you are already very tall, then you can add a sexy west-coat or a jacket to complete the look. This will make you look in proportion yet sexy.


#3 Forget Leather, Tweed is simple too Sweet:

Forget leather, tweed is in

Forget leather, tweed is in!

Leather is costly and heavy, whereas tweed suits, shirts and blazers are easy to carry and gives you a very sophisticated look. So, forget what’s old and try what’s in, tweed is definitely one of the things that every male/female should have in their wardrobe this winter.


#4 Wipe all your Stripes and make way for Plaids:

Plaid not striped

Plaid not striped


Stripes, whether horizontal/vertical have been clichéd everywhere. Though, stripes give a decent girl next door look, yet this look is beyond fashion sights now. Plaid, however is the very IN pattern when it comes to casual shirts and skirts. Not only does it make you look young, but is comfortable and easy to handle.


#5 Neon is the new PINK, YELLOW & GREEN:

neon is the new pink bright

If it’s bright it’s neon.

Now forget those basic pastel shades of green, red & pink for some time and make hay while the NEON shines. The season is all about going all funky, fluid and sassy. Keep your accessories in a neon shade to give that OOH LA LA feel. A bright matt lipstick is a must to the best look forward.


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