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For the love of food

Food is there anything else that can make you feel the way good food does?
You’ve had a rough day, and you open your tiffin.
1.) A piece of cake. The relief, The happiness, just knowing that soft, rich taste, sweet, spongy, it makes you day a little better.
2.) Salad and French beans. You know the feeling. AAARGHHH!!!!!

Food connects people. A first date, A celebration, A get together, A bad mood, food is both, our reward and our solace. You are, after all, what you eat.

When my father got cholesterol and diabetes, I can only imagine exactly how hard it mustve been from him. I have got my taste palatte from him. He loves good food, and suddenly no oil no sugar reduced salt intake? It’s a foodie’s worst nightmare.

That’s when my mother decided that she would not let him sit on the table, carving taste while all his plate holded was salad and oil-free, saltless food. I saw ger work hard and get innovative with food.
Instead if cheese, she used a bit of milk and bread crumbs, a little tomato juice and diet bhel over the salad to make it bearable, carrot, beetroot and tomato soup, dal soup, noodles loaded with vegetables like peas, cabbage and carrots, spices like oregano and dried mango powder (Aamchur) and tangy sauces to cover for the lack of the usual pang of deliciousness.

Olive oil replaced normal oil, frying by roasting, home made light cottage cheese (paneer), Pringles instead off oil-dripping lays.

The thing is, as much as we love good food, these days good food = heavy food. Dishes are incomplete without oil, butter, cheese, and in enormous quantities too. Maybe food needs a little reinvention. Wouldn’t you want to be able to continue eating your favorite bites?

That is the reason for this article. If you think that you are thin and you are immune to anything to eat, you’re wrong. Your weight will not stop you body from deteriorating inside. So here is what you diet should include

30% fibre- Fruits, peas, carrots, spinach, etc
20% protiens- Cheese, milk, eggs, meat.
40% Carbohydrates- Oats, bread, cereal, potatoes and the like.
10% fatty and sugary foods- You don’t need this to be detailed, you know better 😛

Easy thing to do, is eat what you want (no gorging down is not included) but include these few things everyday.
A fruit or a juice. Do NOT have Slice or Frooti, that stuff has way too much sugar than needed, and we all like sugar too much, so go natural.
One egg. Eggs are rich in protiens and make an excellent breakfast choice. You may remove the yolk if you are weight concious, though it tastes amazing when half fried.
Fruity cereal. Add some banana, cherries, strawberries to your cereal, with maybe a little syrup.
Masala oats. Healthy and tasty, guilt free pleasure.

So many flavours, textures, aromas and feelings infused in a bite. Just like Gusteau says in Ratatouille I say, good food always cones to those who love to eat.
Bon appetit

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