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Football world cup super 16 showdown

The game was really on as the top 16 teams battled off in the ongoing football world cup to book a berth for the quarters. The super 16 games have managed to keep football lovers worldwide on the edge of their seats. Until the final 8 best teams face off for a coveted place in the semis. Here’s a look at some of the best moments from the Super 16 stage.

1. Ole, Ole, Ole



Host nation and top contenders for the cup Brazil managed to entertain with a thrilling match against Chile. Blondie Neymar may not have been able to score any goals during the full-time match but team mate David Luiz managed to coup his maiden goal. Brazil looked like favourites to win the match until some brilliant work from Chile’s Alexis Sanchez left the scores tied. The colossal nail-biting penalty shootout where Neymar and his league of extraordinary men pulled off a stunning victory had drama written all over it. Kudos! Brazil.

2. Orange is the new black


The tournament is definitely turning out to be the rise of the underdogs. Netherlands and Mexico both teams were never considered in the running to make it to the Super 16. The game can be unpredictable as the men in orange managed to prove their critics wrong. With an early upset from Mexico’s Giovanni Dos Santos the Netherlands team played their best resulting in a mind-boggling goal courtesy the great Wesley Sneijder and the penalty goal from Huntelaar. Nachos and guacamole tasted way better than Mexico’s bland performance.

3. Sayonara Uruguay

colombia_super 16_pic

The most trending team from the world cup courtesy their biter superstar Luis Suarez. Uruguay started out as favourites despite the exclusion of Luis. But a certain Colombian player had other plans. Colombia’s hero from the match young James Rodriguez’s double whammy put the Uruguay team on the back seat. Sadly it seemed like the Luis bite left a dent in his team’s morale too. Only if Luis had eaten before the game and not craved some Chiellini pasta, Uruguay had a minuscule chance.

4. Dark Horse strikes again


Clearly the dark horse in the tournament Costa Rica’s fairytale run still remains tact. Even with a 10 man team the mighty Costa Ricans provided an intriguing game of football against Greece. Bryan Ruiz’s amazing goal kicked off things for Costa Rica until a late goal from Greece’s Sokratis tied the scores. Costa Rica continued their brilliant form by surpassing the Greeks in an exhilarating and captivating penalty shootout. Bravo! Costa Rica.

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