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Football World Cup gets way interesting

The much anticipated ongoing football World Cup has managed to inspire enough material to script out some rib-tickling comedies. The current team performances have managed to crop out some really original hilarious funny movies. If you thought the football fever was just catching up here are some funny gaffes courtesy the talented teams and their players from the tournament who were not harmed in the filming of these movies. Here’s a sneak peek into an amazing series of laughthon.

1. Selfie


A laugh out loud entertainer starring one the tournament’s favourite teams Brazil. Brazil the host nation and a crowd favourite have given a new found recognition to the trendiest word ‘Selfie.’ In the opening scene Brazil is seen playing against Croatia where they managed to play footsies the wrong way. Thanks to defender Marcelo’s jaw dropping footwork the whole of Croatia and the television viewers got their rofl moment. The knight in shining armour Neymar managed to salvage the embarrassing start and Oscar should definitely win his namesake Golden man for providing a fitting climax to this script. Selfie has garnered rave reviews on the social media.

2. You Talking To Me

Soccer: World Cup-Germany vs Portugal


A physical comedy acted brilliantly by the lead Portugal’s bad boy Pepe and Germany’s Thomas Mueller playing second fiddle. Pepe like some demented raging bull head butts into Germany’s striker Thomas Mueller only to be shown the door courtesy the red card. And it gets really hilarious Germany ends up winning and rubbing their victory on Portugal’s sorry little faces. And there’s more look who fell down laughing Thomas Mueller after scoring a hat-trick. Hasta la vista Portugal.

3.  Amigos


A complete no-brainer courtesy defending football world cup champions Spain. The Spanish team’s early exit from the ongoing tournament is similar to the effects of laughing gas. Be prepared for undisputed chuckles coming your way. The defending champion’s performance looked like some players took the song Waka Waka way too seriously. Maybe Pique should have applied Shakira’s tunes to his footwork and then Spain would have had a happy ending.

Thank you players and teams for the entertainment so far and cheers to many more chuckles in store.

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