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Fool’s Paradise

There is a site which offers to send your TOYS on VACATION! When I came across it, I wondered who would spend money on something this silly. Turns out, a lot of people do! For some crazy reason, people send their toys (which are non-living, feeling-less cotton-stuffed dolls) on vacation to get their photographs clicked at famous places. The site even offers a MASSAGE package for the toys! And people pay for it! I know a lot of kids love their teddies and dollies, but this is ridiculous!

Here’s a site that offers GHOSTS in a bottle! And people actually buy them! They claim that these ghosts have been captured from ‘reported’ haunted places. They charge $20 (Rs 910) for each bottle and it’s accompanied by an authentication certificate! Buyers are warned not to open or break the bottle…fools are all around!

At least the ghost factor has some weird mysterious pull for paranormal fanatics. Now, who would think that air in a bottle would sell like crazy? Yeah…you read that right! This site offers the authentic air from Wales to people who have moved away and want that whiff of fresh air from Wales. They too provide an authentication certificate. One can also request for other things like water, mud, etc. The funniest part-IT SELLS!

Pet Rocks
This business is no longer functional, but it was one of the most successful businesses in the 70s selling useless stuff. A guy was stupid enough to sell rocks online as pets and people were stupid enough to buy them, name them and even take care of them like proper pets! Why didn’t they just go outside and pick up a rock instead of paying $4 (Rs 182) for it?! The rocks even came with a manual on how to make your pet ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘roll over and play dead’; the last required ‘assistance from the owner’, duh!

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