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Are you bored eating your canteen or mess food every day? Three batchmates from BITS Pilani Goa have come together to your rescue. They have started www.foodkhoj.com that lets you order food online and enables restaurants near and far to deliver food to your campuses every day.

Prior to starting FoodKhoj co-founders Swetansu Mohapatra, Pradeep Kumar and Hanu Prateek had worked together closely organising a few college festivals.

“FoodKhoj was started in 2010 to address the immediate need of multiple food options in my campus,” says Swetansu Mohapatra who completed his M.Sc (Hons.) Maths and B.E (Hons.) Chemical Engineering last month.

So how much did you to invest in starting up the venture? “Internet based businesses need a low capital to start. The majority of investment went towards registration of the company and meeting other compliances. However, to sustain the business, and keep it running we completely bootstrapped the company. Very recently, we received 40K USD from Startup Chile to scale operations and move to the next phase of growth,” he says excitedly.

They have a development centre based in the outskirts of Bangalore. They are presently still a small team of eight, with four full time and four part time employees. However they recently moved to Santiago for six months as a part of the Startup Chile Program.

Currently they are creating the world’s first SaaS based platform for restaurants. “Restaurants, irrespective of geographical location, will be able to set up their own portals, just with a few clicks and manage them without needing to rely on third parties or spending a hefty amount towards its maintenance. We are coming up with multiple feature sets and templates that will provide them highly customisable options to beautify their portals,” he states.

According to him managing and scaling up a business while you are still a student is a challenge. He says,”There are no yard sticks in this path – and if there are – they are not worth the mention. My greatest reward is the journey itself,” .

-Babita Balan

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