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Food For Thought

Food either plays a cameo or a meaty role in all our lives. Some eat to live while others live to eat. No matter which bracket you fall into food definitely leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling in all of us. Have you watched the recent viral short film about home-cooked food ‘Ghar Ka Khana’? Food connects us with people and places. If you think it over food has played some minuscule part in making our relationships stronger. This particular video highlights the beautiful relationship we share with home-cooked food.

Home-cooked food definitely triggers fond memories of our grandmothers spoiling us with her delicacies during holiday visits or being pampered with our mother’s home-cooking when we were sick of the hostel food. Ready-to-eat meals and fast food grubs can never replace the sheer joy you experience when you take that first bite of your favourite home-cooked meal.

Home-cooking is not just a morsel of food but its laced with the best ingredients called love and affection. The love your mother or your grandmother puts in preparing your favourite recipe can light up the grumpiest of moods and leave you with a feeling that everything is going to be okay. Good tasty food always leaves a lasting etch in our memories. No matter where you travel or how many varied new cuisines you try home-cooked food’s nostalgia is irreplaceable.

No matter how busy our lives get food gives us a reality check. Our growling stomachs lead us straight home from a busy day at work or an adventurous fun day at college. We talk about our day over some delectable food at our regular family dinners. Homely food is definitely food for the soul. The short film leaves one with a new found respect for home-cooking and the scores of home cooks who bring a smile to our faces when we dig into our lunch-boxes.

Check out ‘Ghar Ka Khana’


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