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Follow The Law

Last time, we gave you the lowdown on what’s hot in law. So how has the perception of becoming a lawyer changed over the years? JAM tells you all about the new avenues to be explored for all you aspiring lawyers.

The very first image that comes to one’s mind when you mention the term lawyer is that of a black-robed person, with a white shirt and black trousers. Boring right? Yeah, surely. But court kacheri ka mamla is no child’s play and only a good lawyer can resolve it. Law was first perceived as a profession taken up by people who had failed to make it in the technical fields. But things have changed drastically over the past two decades and law has become a hot career choice. And the reason behind this is the diversification of the profession. Here are the many options to choose from.

Corporate Counsel
Be at the center of corporate activity! Find out what working with companies is all about!

Law Firms
High stress, high reward! Information on what working with a law firm is like, and what sort of work, pressures and rewards you could get!

Law and Business
Law schools prepare smart people, not just smart lawyers! Find out how to put your education to use in business!

Do you want to give back to your alma mater? Think about how different your name will sound with a “Doctor” or “Professor” before it?

Media and Law
A legal education already equips you with comprehensive writing and researching skills, besides teaching you to be thorough with facts and figures.

Want to be a legal eagle, ruling the courts in your black robes? Find out what it means to be a ‘practising’ lawyer!

Social Work
Want to put the legal knowledge you’ve got to use for a cause you’re concerned about? Be a ‘social engineer’!

Legal Process Outsourcing
Want to be part of the next big thing to happen to the Legal Profession? Be a ‘Global Counsel’!

For those of you with an inclination towards public service or the trappings of state authority, the judiciary can be a worthwhile option.

The nature of work
Litigating lawyers, as these lawyers are called, represent their clients in court. They are called upon to argue various kinds of issues, ranging from property matters to criminal matters, constitutional issues to matters of family law. Black and white and vociferous, these lawyers argue the law to make sure that their clients’ interests are represented in the best possible manner before those that will decide matters of a whole lot of importance to a whole lot of people.

Other lawyers working with corporate houses, or in law firms that service corporates work mainly as facilitators, helping companies work smoothly, efficiently, and within the boundaries of the law. Lawyers help business work in the best possible manner, and are an extremely important part of any business transaction. Huge mergers, large stock market issues, and foreign investments are all very cool to talk about, but unless you have someone who understands how these things work, and can get them done in the best possible way, all you’ll ever do is talk about them! Simply put, without lawyers, many corporates would find themselves struggling to understand how to actually put their ideas in place. Lawyers make it happen!

Lawyers are sometimes also referred to as ‘social engineers’. As you would know, our society, the way we live, and what we do everyday, are all loosely bound by a mesh of rules that we call laws. It is the job of lawyers to understand these rules, and to help people live their lives most meaningfully. Many lawyers help people in distress, advocating areas that they are concerned about, such as child rights, women’s issues, or the protection of refugees. If you really want to make a difference to peoples’ lives, and if you actually want to go out there and get something done right, this is the way to go for you!

Beside these, lawyers today work with people from every walk of life, interpreting laws, applying legal principles, and, above all, helping people tackle problems on every scale. Simply put, an ideal lawyer is a smart, intelligent person who applies common sense to common and uncommon problems alike, and helps people find their paths out of the wilderness.

The Remuneration
Remuneration depends upon the work you do and the qualification you hold. For example, if you want quick money, you can go for law firms or corporate houses but the amount of work they give is so much that you might not get time to spend all that money. But if you go for litigation, then initially there is zero income but you gradually start earning and as soon as you reach escape velocity (which will take some time), then there is no stopping you. Then there is judiciary, with everything being optimum.

A very good lawyer (read, good at his job) can easily earn Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000 a month but the working hours can be erratic. It can also go up to 2.5 lacs a month in a few years time.

*Disclaimer: These have been the trends but may not be same for every individual and may vary.

The Future Prospects
They are very bright and shiny because law will only die with the death of human race. But lawyers will still exist – to deliberate even upon the reasons of its death.

– Nikita

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