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MH 370 tribute
MH 370 tribute

Flight MH370, is now ready for departure.

The last announcement heard by the passengers and their relatives, in a hope to reach safely to their destination. But destiny and circle of life had other vicious plans. The plane was consumed by rapid waves on the Indian Ocean and will forever lie in the depths of the sea bed.

One of the most shocking and perplexing incidents of the recent times, has left a deep mark on the world as a whole. The plane was missing for 2 weeks, till finally it was revealed that the search was over.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak revelation ended in sobs and cries from all the relatives of the passengers. The 17 day long wait, was over. But the mystery hasn’t been solved. What exactly went wrong? Why was there no communication from the pilot’s end? Was it a sabotage or Nature’s ugly game?

There are questions and there are assumptions
There are evidences and statistics, but no real answers. There’s no doubt left that there are no survivors, but it hasn’t been confirmed that the images captured are that of Boeing 777.
This tragedy has left the entire world dumb-folded. A tragedy beyond imagination in the era of communication is peculiar and horrifying.

Having said that, we only pray for the departed and hope, they had a comfortable flight.

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