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Five Lines You Loved About Chacha Chaudhary

1 Chacha Chaudhary’s brain is sharper than a needle and faster than a supercomputer. No wonder his pagdi is red. Take your time, you’ll get it. If you were Chacha Chaudhary though, you’d have got it hours ago. There, see, you finally got it. Chacha pwns you.

2.When Chacha Chaudhary’s companion Sabu gets angry, somewhere in Jupiter a volcano explodes. Of course the relevance to a villain on earth of a volcano erupting in Jupiter is probably very little. But just imagine if you were a peaceful martian on the universe’s largest planet. One day you’re minding your own business, perhaps watering your garden, and then BOOM!

3.Chacha Chaudary’s arch nemesis is Raaka, who is immortal. He usually finds himself in prison at the start and end of every ‘episode’. He is incapable of avoiding Chacha Chaudhary despite being able to live anywhere in the universe.

4 Sabu’s lunch consists of 108 chapatis, 12 kgs of halwa and 20 litres of lassi. He is not married. We wonder why.

5.Chacha Chaudhary’s other enemies are Gobar Singh and Dhamaka Singh. Their parents were cruel.

– Paras Sharma

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