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Five Features of Eco Friendly Electric Cars

The buzz is on eco-friendly electric cars. We did some research and discovered the top five features of electric cars.

1. Turning the headlights on would drop the running speed to about 15-20 kmph. But if your car is hit by lightning, it would rush at the speed of light!

2. If you run your car at about 60-70 kmph for more than one minute, you would have to pull over so the car can switch to using reserve power

3. “Roadside assistance” feature involves taking the kite and the string out from the kit in the dashboard, flying it high and waiting for a thunderstorm.

4. Now girls can apply makeup, talk on the phone, blow dry their hair and even pop a toast while they drive.

5. Your petrol costs will not bother you anymore because but the cost of extension cords would !

– Bhavi Patel

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