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First Date Gyaan

For Girls
1. Fix your hair (Try at least)
2. “Look, I can balance a spoon on my nose/ You wanna see shadow bunnies?” – No stunts (strict NO)
3. “He’s so cute, his voice is so sexy” – Do not DROOL
4. No glazed love-struck eyes. Not cool…not hot!
5. “I love unicorns. India meri jaan. I feel so HAPPY” – Don’t get drunk
6. “I want 5 kids. 3 girls, 2 boys. We’ll name them” – Don’t freak him out

For Guys
1. “Mmm..let’s pick some boogers..” – No digging, no scratching
2. No tight Salman Khan t-shirts. No flexing of muscles. Please! Brain over brawn …anyday
3. BOOBSss..Don’t be a lecher. Don’t stare!
4. “Your dad must be a thief coz he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”- Too much cheese not good!
5. Stay alert and attentive. Do not yawn or sleep!
6. “My mom’s an amazing singer. She cooks so well. She has such pretty eyes.” – No ‘MY MOM IS THE BEST’ talks.

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