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Fergusson College, Pune

Also known as: Fergi, F.C.

Location: On Fergusson College Road. It’s a short distance away from Café Coffee Day, Barista, E-square etc. It’s kind of ironic to put it that way, as all these places have probably opened nearby because the great 119 year old Fergi and other colleges are in the vicinity.

The Campus: Enormous. You can keep walking for an hour and still not have covered the entire college. It has many, many gates to enter from, two parking lots, countless blocks and buildings, kattas and trees and long, long roads. No wonder the students here are so fit – it’s because of the daily exercise they get from walking from one class to other.

The Faculty: Can be divided into the old, intellectual profs who have been teaching here since time immemorial and the new breed of profs who are so young, that they get ragged by seniors who mistake them for freshers.

The Crowd:
Can be classified as:
*The confused foreigners: who keep asking for directions all year round. Maybe that’s why they stick to a class for at least 2 years once they find it.
*The gals: Every kind of woman can be found here. Right from those who sit in the Ladies CommoRoom and exchange recipes and T.V. serial gossip to those who exchange make-up and boyfriends.
*The ‘wear your attitude’ gangs: who hang out with guitars and spent their time discussing which cultural activity to invent next to keep their strings from rusting.
*The gays: guys who hang out only with other guys and always keep a track of kisne kisko peeta, next big fight kahan hogi, and which students union to join. They also discuss girls but are too scared to actually date anyone.
*The nerds: For them, the college only means going for lectures and sitting in the library. They’ll probably come back here to teach.

The Unwanted Crowd:
Apart from students, at times one can also find a few school goers who use the campus as a bypass road, a ‘bandarwala’ with his monkey, women who steal branches on Sundays, and perverts who hang around in the late evening and use the empty classrooms for you know what. Once, a bomb squad with sniffer dogs came and gave all students a holiday as there was a rumour that there was a bomb in the college.

Inside college:
Kimaya – an open air theatre kinda structure made especially for students to sit and gossip – now which college can beat that ?
Amphitheatre – when no program is being performed here, it is used by couples for their own performance.
Badnam tree – a huge, shady mango tree near the L.R., where guys wait till their girlfriend has finished doing her make-up.
Outside college:
A wide choice of restaurants, from Vaishali and Savera to CCD and Barista. The Canteen is used only for eating ghar ka dabba or ‘bun-wada’- the only tolerable item on the menu card.

The Fest: Oorja – the audience consists of the truly interested people who occupy the spacious ground floor, and the ghati crowd who crowd in the balcony and try to disrupt the event by screaming and threaten to bring down the 100 year old amphi by dancing.

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