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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts this Navratri

The fashion takes a peak in Navratri, and it is absolutely essential for the ghaghra and the choli and the kurta and the dhotis and the kediyus to fit perfectly. We asked a few ethnic fashion designers and we got a list of dos and don’ts specially for you –

1. Make sure your gaghra and kurta fits perfectly. The flaired skirts and gaghras are the ‘in’ thing this Navratri as are the brightly colored kurtas. Don’t go out with the one-size-fits-all garmets with a dirty nada hanging out…And don’t forget the length. You don’t want your gaghras and dhotis being stuck under other dancers’ feet as you go around in a frenzy!

2. This season sees the advent of the corset choli and tight kurtas. But please go for that only if you have a perfect shapely torso. On bad-shaped torsos, such stuff looks horribly scary and outrageously disgusting. A lot also depends on how you carry yourself. And the women out there, if you feel the corset is not for you, remember that the backless choli is never out of fashion.

3. Bandhej is said to never go out of fashion. But this festive season, make sure you avoid bandhej completely. Dare to be different. Opt for an ensemble in a variety of fabrics that uses different embellishments than the age-old bandhej. The season is all about citrus colours, so take up yellow, turmeric, gold, orange, pink, green, parrot and all that you can think of.

4. Experiment with your dupattas and stoles. This applies for both guys and gals. Try out different styles of draping it on one side, in the front, over the back, knotted at one end, on one side, leave it open at the end and not making pleats, etc. Create a fresh style, call it your own! If you are getting things stitched or still have time for modifications, go for an attached dupatta style, where the dupatta is stitched onto the dress and not free or put up separately. This makes the silhouette of the outfit remain the same and you can enjoy a dance without worrying about the dupatta.

5. Above all, be comfortable in what you wear. you are out to enjoy the nights, not to show off! Don’t be stuck in something that is making you feel so conscious or making you worry about all the embellishments and this and that instead of enjoying the night. Be simple, ditch the hottest trend if you have to, if you are not comfortable. The slightest of the discomfort shows easily on your face. so avoid it!

– Bhavi Patel

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