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Facebook or Face the book!

Remember the advertisement on the telly, shows an old man recall his days of youth and saying, that when I was 25, we used to talk face-to-face and not on Facebook. Well, I can’t help but agree with the man. The world is shrinking on Facebook. Our friends in as far as Philadelphia & Illinois, or Riyadh & London for that matter are just a couple of clicks and pings away.

Almost everybody seems to be caught up in this new ‘in’ trend. People are seen less facing the book and more on Facebook. Chatting and poking the friends that they happen to meet almost every day in their classes, offices, colonies, everywhere! One can’t help wonder from where they find such ceaseless treasures of things to talk about!

It seems everyone who even breaths oxygen is out on Facebook announcing it. News no longer comes through telephones or the post, it comes in the form of status updates on the network. People smirk if you communicate with somebody through email. So, if your friend just won a bet against you, he will not announce it at the canteen in the afternoon. It will come up as some thing like, “Yo frnds, won a bet agnst rotlu! Congo 2 me!”

There are more than 500,000,000 active Facebook users today, which implies that approximately 1 in every 13 people on this Earth is active on Facebook and is no longer a Facebook virgin, and half of them are logged in on any given day. About 28% of the users, check their Facebook accounts right through their smart phones even before they get out of their beds (and I thought, brushing my teeth was the first thing I must do each morning!).

And how can we forget the innumerable photos that find their way onto the world wide net of the network. I remember hearing about a couple, who was out on their honeymoon, and asked a passerby to snap a photo of them together. The husband made it a point to make it clear to the helpful stranger that the photo should be the best because they were going to be uploaded on Facebook. Photos are no longer a method of preserving memories or capturing the special moments of life on a piece of paper. Photos today are snapped only to be uploaded on Facebook, and so the photos need to be good.

Well, if not anything else, FB is doing one thing for sure, making us all into freaks and maniacs, all addicted to FB. And we don’t even have a de-addiction center for it! What happened? You’re still not on Facebook? Man, its time you came out and broke your Facebook virginity or there is a question mark on your existence! After all, today you find even the mafia on Facebook 😉

– Bhavi Patel

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