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Chernobyl: Why HBO’s New miniseries quickly gained a lot of attention?

Chernobyl, the HBO TV show that aired between 6th May and 3rd June 2019, is something that came out of the blue and was trending, very soon. This is because it is hauntingly realistic in its depiction of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, that happened 33 years ago, on 26th April 1986.
The show features 5 well-made episodes, which shows the reasons for the worst man-made disaster, and the contributions of the members of the Chernobyl committee. They sufficiently reduced the dangers of radiation to the people living around the Chernobyl nuclear plant, Pripyat and the surrounding countries at the time.

Due to excellent word of mouth before HBO’s massive hit Game of Thrones was over, Chernobyl got more than 8 million viewers, and very soon, the show went on to gain a huge rating of 9.6/10 on IMDB, making it the highest rated TV series of all time. The events in the show are covered in such a way that, viewers are glued to their seats with anticipation, especially if they have not read about the disaster. The well-done sets, along with the amazing cast who look almost like the involved parties that they portray, do a fantastic job in making the threat feel real. The 1 hour long episodes never feel long or dragging, for which the writers deserve a huge amount of credit.

Writer Craig Mazin and director Johan Renck did extensive research for 4 years before creating the show, which is very clearly visible, but a few liberties were taken for dramatic purposes. An example for the same is the addition of the main character Ulana Khomyuk, as acknowledged in the show’s epilogue, who represents a composite of the many Soviet scientists who helped to make the situation better.

Although the response to the depiction of the events in this show has been well received around the world, Russia itself is displeased, with the communist party seeking a lawsuit to ban this mini-series. Russian state TV is working on its own patriotic version of Chernobyl that will air on the Russian channel: NTV. This series will portray the Russian side of the story, and it looks like they will try to give themselves a clean chit as if nothing really happened, by showing the presence of a CIA agent during that time. This sounds like fiction but weirdly enough, is actually rumored by historians to be true. The director of this version of Chernobyl, Alexey Muradov said that this show “will tell viewers what really happened back then.”

What did you think of HBO’s Chernobyl? If you haven’t watched it already, watch it now on Hotstar!

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