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Enthusia 2010

Come January 7th , India is set to witness the largest and most spectacular national level sports festival to be held in the country – Enthusia. Enthusia is VJTI’s (Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute) grand annual sports festival. Enthusia now in its 5th year since its inception has grown with the passage of each year and has now achieved its much deserved status as, the largest national sports festival in the country.

Working for a social cause is something that all the VJTIians feel very strongly about, thus it was imperative that Enthusia 2011 would be kick started by doing something for society. More than 200 students ran a marathon going through various routes within the 16 acre campus to support The Charity For Handicapped, Sion. Also with its JOY OF GIVING campaign Enthusia aims to bring the joy of playing to less fortunate, all games donated to this campaign will be passed on to less fortunate children so that they too may have a shot at a childhood.

This year the organizing committee has introduced a large number of new workshops that haven’t been featured in any of the previous Enthusia’s such as Archery, Rifle Shooting, Roller Skating, Fire Walking and Parkour. Most of the VJTIian’s are really excited about these as they’ve always wanted to try these sports out but never had an actual opportunity. But they haven’t just stopped the buck there this year, attendee’s at Enthusia will also bear witness to sports such as boxing and snooker. But what differentiates Enthusia from any other colleges sports festival is a sport which has been lets say invented at VJTI and its called “QUAD – O – MANIA”. Quad – o – mania is a sport which will push your mettle to its limit, this innovative sport starts of with Association Football followed by Basketball then Cricket and finally concluded with Athletics. Enthusia 2011 will include more than 20 different sports including Association Football, Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Rink Football ,Throw Ball and many more. A national level Rink Hockey Tournament conducted by Mr. Mir Ranjan Negi will also be witnessed.

People who aren’t athletically inclined can get their fingers busy on the Enthusia site www.enthusia.in by playing Poker, Chess or Tennis.

Enthusia will begin on January 7th with the opening of the T20 tournament and the closing ceremony will be witnessed on January 25th. Anybody wishing to get further details can visit the Enthusia website.

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