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Enjoying solitude.

I always synonymized alone with lonely. Alone to me came as a negative thing, and I never told anyone that I like it. This was till one day when I was in Matunga buying earrings and my friend asked me who am I with and when I answered that I’m alone, how shocked she was. And then I reflected- the vero moda sale, the travelling to Fort for class, the CCD coffees- I did all of those alone and I liked it.

It’s the way Samantha says in sex and the city, Ive been in a relationship with myself for so long and that’s the one I need to work on.

So, here are 10 things people who like being alone will understand.

The time you spend with yourself is always quality time.

You sometimes turn down plans only because you want to be alone that day.

A break can translate into -going somewhere far away alone with music, food, books and tv.

When you are upset and you say you want to be alone, you mean alone and not “look-into-my-eyes-and-ask-me-whats-wrong” shit.

A day spent by yourself travelling to a new place and buying or doing something you wanted since a while is the best day ever.

Sometimes when you want to go to the kala ghoda arts festival or to kitaab khana, you go alone not because you don’t like going with others, it’s just a more engaging and deeper experience.

When you tell someone that you want to go alone and people keep suggesting people you can take with you, that’s as irritating as nobody’s business.

If you want to go somewhere and no one is available, it means a longer plan with more missions to be accomplishes because the only person’s time you will have to accommodate is your own.

If you stay around other people too long you start loosing your sanity and become a huge ball of nerves.

You can’t be with someone who constantly wants to be with you. Independent is the word for you.

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