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Ek chutki Bollywood

Acting is full of struggle. But one has to struggle smart and not simply struggle hard; Varun Vazir tells you how

If you are not a ‘star’ kid and the acting ka ‘keeda’ has bitten you sore, then you definitely, need to read this.

Firstly, you need a good photographer to make your portfolio. A shoot will cost you anything between Rs 1,500 and 1.5 lakh. Fashion photographer, Luv Israni says “Best folios get you faster result.”

Send portfolio
Next, decide whether you want to get into TV ads, modelling, TV serials, reality shows, movies or theatre and send your portfolio accordingly to coordinators, casting directors and production houses. Soon, your inbox will be flooded with auditions as soon as you send your portfolio.

Dress well
Dressing well for an audition is half your job done. Dress in accordance with requirement and keep it simple. Flashy, shiny and dhinchak clothes are a big NO-NO. Confidence and right attitude is the key.

The Process
On reaching the venue, ask the casting director if you fit the bill in terms of age and looks. If he approves of you, a queue sheet needs to be filled. The worst part at auditions is the waiting bit – it’s exhausting. The moment you’re in front of the camera, you will be asked to hold a slate with personal details like name, number, height and coordinator, etc. Yes! Just like a kaidi. Post this lameness, you introduce yourself with your name, number and profiles (left, right, and centre). And then finally, the acting.And then, guess what? More waiting. If you are shortlisted, they will discuss the remuneration and dates, etc. If things go your way and both parties come to terms, congratulations! You have a deal!

Auditions used to be held at Famous Studios, Mahalaxmi, but now it’s according to the convenience of the production house.Social networking websites like FB and twitter are used to notify by discussions on fan pages or communities of production houses. You can also get details on websites like www.hoonur.com, www.basekchance.com, www.abmeribaari.com

Struggle, struggle
Struggle is part of this industry. Debutant director Punit Malhotra quotes, “At some point, everyone will struggle. It is inevitable. Not letting go and being positive is the key.”
The most difficult thing in this profession is not to get work, but to continuously get good work. My actor friend Devdutt Tondon says, “After getting the first break, one gets hungry for more work and expectations increase.”

So, do you know acting?
When I initially thought of getting into acting, someone told me, “Agar yeh industry mein ghusna hai, toh pehle Besharam hona bahut zaroori hai.” One should start with acting workshops and join a theatre group. These acting schools can’t teach you acting but will definitely kill your inhibitions and teach you the technicalities and mannerisms of acting.

Things to keep in mind:
Make sure you know the correct address of the auditions. Also, ensure that they are being held in day time and in a well known studio and not a private apartment. Girls must not get extra friendly with any male strugglers or coordinators, and guys must maintain distance from male coordinators (you know why, :D). And please apply make up.
PS: If you thought only girls lie about their age then your wrong again. we guys too lie about our age due to fit the bill.

Top acting schools:

Whistling Woods International – Mumbai
Call +91 22 30916000 / 9920351306

Film and Television Institute of India – Pune
Call +91 020 25431817

Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares – Mumbai
Call +91-22-26605659

Barry John’s Acting – Mumbai
Call +919967977967

National School of Drama – New Delhi
Call +91 1123382821

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