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E-Week 2012- DY Patil Pune. Feb 11-18

E-Week 2012- DY Patil Pune. Feb 11-18
Entrepreneurship Development Cell of D.Y.PATIL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,PUNE,
Called Phoenix, is celebrating the E-Week 2012. There several events being conducted namely;

Plastic Collection and Awareness Drive
PHOENIX volunteers will be going door to door in a massive plastic collection drive and then personally ensure that they are recycled.
They won’t stop at just that but also talk to all of the people contributing to the cause and explain them about the various intricacies of plastic recycling (various grades of plastic, the process, etc.) .The drive will be conducted across the Pimpri-Chinchwad zone and is aimed to reach out to the maximum number of people in the area. The vast amount of volunteers will help immensely in maximizing outreach. Targetted outreach: 25,000.

Cloth Collection Drive
– A campaign drive by the volunteers for collecting donation of old and used apparels by people.
clothes will be given to the students of the “MukhBadhirShala” in Pradhikaran. With their creativity the students will use the donated clothes to make cloth bags. These bags will be circulated by PHOENIX to shopkeepers and residents in the Nigdi Pradhikaran area. The shopkeepers will charge the customers an extra minimal amount for these cloth bags. The revenue generated will be donated to the students of the above mentioned school.
– A special marketing workshop will be conducted for these students so that they are able to market their product independently in the future. The use of these cloth bags will in turn replace the conventionally used plastic bags to a great extent.
– Expected Outreach: 7000-10,000

Solar Bottle Bulb (Technical Project)
An innovative project in which waste plastic bottles will be used as a source of light. The bottles will be filled with liquid bleach and distilled water, both of which are readily available substances, and when sunlight acts upon these, it produces power equivalent to a 50 watt bulb! This is achieved through the refraction of light through the arrangement. This project will be made on a mass scale and marketed in rural areas to help them cut down the use of electricity during the day.
– Initial expected Outreach: 8-10 villages around Pune.

Probably the most engaging event that we conduct, the Bazaar is an amazing opportunity where shop spaces are provided to participants for a whole day on campus where they can sell a product of their choice. Bazaar creates a tremendous buzz on campus as it involves students from the 9 institutes on the DY Patil campus and participants from other colleges attending the E-Week.
– Expected Outreach: 9000-10,000


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