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Dump The Junk?

No one can eat just one. This tagline is true not only for lays but also for all the junk food that we eat. Recently the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) published a report that accused 16 major food brands of “containing very high levels of trans-fat, salts and sugar-which invariably leads to severe ill-health and diseases like obesity and diabetes.” The CSE has asked the government to ban all junk food from educational institutions. A move that is obviously too idealistic and unreasonable.

Banning junk food seems very unreasonable. Cigarettes and alcohol are equally dangerous-why aren’t they banned? According to law, cigarettes should not be sold around educational institutions, do you see that happening? One of the smartest moves would be to have restrictions on the supply of junk food or force companies to mention the level of trans-fat or charge a heavy tax on these brands but, banning it is definitely not the right option.

– Priteegandha Naik

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