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Drink without getting drunk

We’ve all been there- college party, birthday party, we-all-passed-lets-drink party. The same participants are there too, some more constant than others- vodka, rum, whiskey, beer, wine and the likes. We have had our own variety of experiences where someone drinks too much than they can handle and go spiraling around the place like a crazy person. Some of us may have not tried a drink because of seeing this behavior and the consequences of the same. So what do you do when you want to drink but still walk straight? You do the following.

  1. Don’t drink neat

Neat means not mixing your drink with soda or juices. Neat also means that you will get high sooner and drunk faster. So mix your drink with soda like sprite or coke or a fruit juice, balancing the proportion of the hard drink to the soft drink.

  1. Eat

A lot of people avoid eating because they feel they might get nauseous. This is very wrong. Eating before or atleast after you drink is very important. It will prevent the drink from going right up your head, and you can enjoy dancing like you don’t care but still not make drunk calls to your ex.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drink a glass of water between your shots and stay hydrated. It prevents you from getting too high and reduces the chances of that massive headache later as it balances the alcohol in your system. Alcohol causes dehydration BTW, if you didn’t know that.

  1. Set a limit

Knowing your limits is crucial before you drink. Don’t try to act like all the movie actors who drink a huge lot and look so cool, just because your friend can handle a liter of drinks doesn’t mean you can too. And no one wants trouble of getting you home. Test yourself and restrict the number of drinks, like┬á1-2 and then stop.

  1. Drink slower

Don’t go downing shot after shot or you’ll end up unconscious on the floor. Stretch the first drink, drink in sips not chugs and then see where it is going.

  1. Drink mindfully.

Life is not a movie. Don’t get all dramatic and drink to “drown your sorrows”. Drink for taste, appreciate what you are drinking, savour it. Don’t be a devdas, we don’t need no more of them.


Be responsible and take care of yourself. Have fun, but don’t be a pain in the ass. And never drive after drinking, you know the rules. Follow these and you will have an amazing time, and have the capacity to remember what happened later too 😛


If you’re lucky you will get caught by the police, put in jail and barred from driving again.┬á If you’re not so lucky you will endanger lives of other people and your own.

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