This Diwali, join Pooja Bhula to give your festive food a ‘chocolatey’ look.

Chemistry doesn’t JUST happen.

How many men do you think would fall for an Ugly Betty? She was an amazing person, great at her job… except for the way she presented herself, everything about her started with an ‘A’ for amazing. Yet, she needed a make over to be noticed.

It is no different with food, in fact for any dish the first impression is the last. There is no getting to know it; if it looks uninteresting, it finds no takers. The mind-blowing taste, the hours of effort and the true potential of the delicacy, all go to waste only because the package is less attractive. Don’t you want to make heads turn?
If yes, read on for some tips.

The Ultimate Rule
Food is selected in the same way as men and women are. You see, you smell and if it is good you dwell… This is where GARNISHING comes in.

Rule 1
Garnishes should be edible. Else it becomes the story about a man who leads a woman on, only to later tell her that he is married.

Rule 2T
The simpler the garnish, the more appealing it is. It should look fresh and natural, don’t overdo it. Remember, too much make-up never looks good.

Rule 3
Human beings are visual creatures; the colour of the garnish used should blend with the dish and at the same time stand out. You can use contrasts or the same colour with a different shade but it has to enhance the food on display.

Rule 4
The serving dish or bowl is just as important as the garnish. They act like accessories and if chosen well can make the food very hard to resist. Most women are instinctively good at it; they dress up to look slimmer, taller and younger. Poor Men 😉

Rule 5
Garnishes need not be expensive; it’s just about having a good eye. Let your imagination run wild and the simplest idea can make all the difference. Don’t we find good clothes at good rates when shopping at Janpath Nagar or Colaba Causeway?

Rule 6
The taste of the garnish should go with the taste of dish. Couples that are not compatible just have the wrong kind of sparks flying.

This Diwali let’s add a little spunk to the desi offerings of sweets, fruits and dry fruits with the lickable, bitable, mouthwatering chocolate. It’s not only tasty, but also easily available and doesn’t hurt the pocket too much.

Juicy Oranges
Peel the orange, separate the segments and split open each segment from the middle of the fleshy part. In this way it will become a pulpy circle, emanating citric fragrance. Create a fan- like design with these segments and paint the triangles in between with chocolate sauce.

The icing? Grated chocolate!!! Oranges and chocolate taste great together and also make a good pair. Since the entire plate is covered, you can use a transparent glass one.

Nutty Nuts
All the chocolate companies are minting money with chocolates like ‘Fruit and Nuts’ and ‘Nutties’, so why not try it at home?

Fill a tiny transparent bowl with chocolate sauce and place a cashew nut on top. The contrast works. Then place it in the middle of a white plate and draw petals around it, using a bottle of chocolate sauce, to make it look like a flower. Flatten the sauce in such a way that it has dark and light shades. The effect makes it seem like a flame, apt for an occasion like Diwali. Place almonds and cashews alternately in each petal. Dip a few cashews in some chocolate sauce and place them along with more almonds between two petals. Akin to a rangoli isn’t it?

Dry Fruit Mithais
The strawberries and watermelons you see in the photograph are sweets made with almonds, cashews and pistachios. These sweets are available almost everywhere thanks to our creative mithaiwalla’s. Cut the watermelon mithai in half, form a flower at the center and place the three strawberries around it pointing outwards. The colours of these multicoloured sweets are so vibrant that too much garnishing would spoil it. Just a zig-zag design with chocolate sauce covers the empty space and creates a sweet temptation.

Gujju Ghoogras
Filled with mawa, sweet Gujju ghoogras or Maharashtrian karanjis made during Diwali go very well with chocolate. Paint two with chocolate and leave two plain. Place them alternately on a transparent plate, like four leaves of a coconut tree. Next, cut pieces of white and brown chocolate into triangles and create a random design with them. It goes with the duo tone of the ghoogras. Get ready for a treat.

Be simple, be stylish!!!

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