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Doom Metal Band Bevar Sea unleash their debut album

Listen to Bangalore stoner/doom metal band Bevar Sea play catchy tunes with thick riffs, groovy rhythms, melodic solos, and raspy vocals in their debut album titled – Bevar Sea.
The 40 odd minute album opens with “The Smiler”, a live staple in the vein of classic Black Sabbath and Dio. Then comes“Abishtu”, a song about a serial killer and his ride that goes around tormenting hipsters, and is always on the run from the cops. “Universal Sleeper” is the next one, and this has become their set opener of late with its twin guitars, the 70s style hooks, and the classic bluesy doom grooves. Set in limbo, a drug fiend spawns a generation of workers, a populace – bent on mind domination. The album closes with the 14 minute doom and gloom epic in Mono Gnome, a song about a midget, and the hots he has for a witch. Their commune results in a fire, because of a curse that the witch carries that sets the world on fire.
The album is mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson. So how did the idea of the album come about? Ganesh Krishnaswamy, vocalist says, “We’d been playing our songs live for a little while, and we felt that an album was the next step, because officially putting your work out forces you to get professional about how you do things. We had some drum tracks recorded at a concert, recorded all the remaining instruments at home, and then contacted Billy Anderson to do the mixing and mastering. He’s been the producer for a lot of landmark albums in the genre, so having him do our sound was a big boost. Then there was a lot of running around to figure out various other logistics factors before it was finally ready.”
The band had quite a few learnings from the making of the album. “Turns out our neighbours don’t like tubes amp that have been nicely cranked up. Otherwise, we’ve learned that Reaper is a great option for arranging and mixing, that harmonies are a lot of fun, and that multiple vocal takes can turn out to be very useful. Also, having a kickass producer makes you sound twice as good,” says Ganesh.
The lineup of Bevar Sea include – Ganesh Krishnaswamy on Vocals, lyrics, Srikanth Panaman on Guitars, songs, Rahul Chacko on Guitars, art, Avinash Ramchander on Bass & Deepak Raghu on Drums, designs.
Srikanth and Ganesh are self-taught, Chacko had guitar classes for a couple of years when he was a kid, Deepak spent a year at the LA Music Academy, and Avinash was in the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music for a year.
The band has played at Bangalore Open Air, The Mighty Riff, Trend Slaughter Fest, Impending Doom 2, Riff Em All, and a bunch of other shows.
In the coming days the band hopes to tour more cities in India and stockpile enough credibility to try organise an international tour by 2014. They are also likely to come up with enough material for a second album within the next 2 years.
In the meanwhile the band aims to make their style of music popular again, at least in the underground circles.

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