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Don’t be a cling on

We all want someone special in our lives, a boyfriend/girlfriend, and once we have one after months of hard work, spending, chatting, meeting, nodding in agreement to everything they say, dressing properly i.e successful flirting, we want to keep them for long.

But the thing is, these days many people take the mannerisms of a relationship too literally. Just because it is a widely known rule that the boy opens the door for the girl, or he lets her enter the train first, guys just blindly do it. Like, I can get on the local train by myself, I’m not an ice princess, don’t hold my shoulders I WON’T FALL OFF.

As goes for girls, we try being as cheesy and cute as possible, and at times sadly, needy and clingy. The thing is, no one wants a needy person. Independence is attractive. A person who can take care of themself and is interesting in himself/herself, but wants to be with you too, that is what everyone wants.

Especially, when someone asks for space, the immediate word that comes to our mind is “BREAKUP”. Someone wants space? Cling. Someone wants to hangout with their friends? Cling. Someone wants to go off to sleep after a long day? Cling. No, space doesn’t always mean it’s over. It simply means taking time for yourself to feel like yourself again. Often in relationships we start thinking and acting like the only thing that exists is the relationship we’re in, and then we complain that our guy/girl has changed. You don’t have to be stuck at the hip, or chat 24/7. It’s okay to not want to be together all the time. Give yourself a break.

The time of “two bodies one soul” is long gone, and cliche rules of relationships are out of the window. The word of the hour is “want”, not “need”. Relationships now are impulsive and modern, where girls can ask guys out and guys can get into doors first.

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