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DJ da kamaal

The first Indian to have his music played on Vh1, 23-year-old DJ EXCELEON talks about his passion, how it all began and the reason behind buying his own racing team…

Where did you start playing?
I started playing in the UK in 2006-07. From spinning in-house and mobile parties, I moved on to playing at commercial parties at Geneva, Miami, London, Dubai, Chicago and Mumbai, etc.

Did you take up a course anywhere?
No. Ever since I was 13, I was interested in sound systems. I used to make huge sound setups by mixing two or three HiFi systems; soon I got a grip of the mixing sounds by a preamp. I got my first love – The Denon 2600F, and started Djing. I also learned from watching other DJs play.

You’ve started out at an early age. How did your family react?
Initially my parents objected, as I was pursuing my studies for automobile engineering at West Kent College in the University of Greenwich. But when they were convinced of my talent, they supported me.

What’s your kind of music?
Electronic and commercial is my kind. However, my forte is House and Electronic Dense Music (EDM). I also spin Bollywood tracks – sometimes.

From being a DJ, to owning a Formula team?
Being an automobile engineer, I love cars and always wanted to be around things related to cars. In 2009, I bought my own team. My team participates in all the races of JK tyres, and recently won the Hyderabad race.

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