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DISC-GO! Do’s and Dont’s for the First Timer at a Disc

Enter the disc like you are visiting there for the hundredth time. If it’s your first time, just stay confident enough and try not to show anything on your face because face is what people see in a disc all the time, we call it TAADNA.

(The sophisticated term used by the BAAP-KA-MAAL-UDAO people is SOCIALISING)

Scan each and everything around with your first step so that later when someone asks you the “Where?” question, you are able to answer because remember you just showed that you are visiting there for the hundredth time.

If you are still unable to answer, just give them a TOO-BUSY-DANCING-TO-ANSWER look.

Before entering the disc, deep within your SOON-TO-BE-CONSCIOUS mind you have the image of the people you are going to meet there, the ones for whom dance is just to raise both their hands with the index and the small finger upright  and then to give a HEAD-BANG.

Don’t worry about the music at all, never do that. The BAAP-KA-MAAL-UDAO people jumping high and roaring when the song is played, you just stay calm and behave like the song is just too cheesy for you to dance, i mean to HEAD-BANG.

And when it comes to drinks, don’t drink whatever liquid you are served with, first find out what it is, don’t be lame and ask people around “memsaab yeh jo piya aapne abhi woh kya tha?” Just look around what people are drinking and you have the answers ready for you.

Suppose if someone drinks and at that very moment bangs the glass hard on the table, make a note that you won’t drink that.

If someone drinks and never leaves the table, make sure you don’t try that because you promised your mom to get back home before twelve, your excuses of mostly studying at a friend’s place won’t be good anymore. The best way of being cool in a disc, is to stand with a glass in hand with your Verified Liquid in it and drink it in the most stylish way you can.

When it comes to making your presence felt on the dance floor, give short appearances and get exhausted as soon as you can, to adjust to the UNKNOWN-SONG played.

Never ever forget to Check-In or to update a status or to tweet, make the status so huge and use as many smileys and hashtags as you can, because this is the time you need to give your friends a “DUDE SERIOUSLY WERE YOU THERE? LIKE SERIOUSLY? :O complex.

If you are bugged up then say to your friends “let’s get out of this place it is nothing compared to the disc i was at yesterday” And if you want to stay more then be consistent with all the procedures you were loyal to from the start.

At the end while leaving the disc, clap hard for the DJ and shout out loud for him like you have enjoyed him throughout, this makes people notice you and gives them the impression that you were concentrating on what DJ played, you knew every song and tune that was played and were dancing all the time. Make an exit and use adjectives as much as you can, and give an idea to the BAAP-KA-MAAL-UDAO people around that, you are going to visit again for the ‘Hundred-and-one-th’ time.

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