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Did someone just turn18?

Eighteen…The year that most excites all human beings in India. Because finally they are of the legal age to do something that is potentially exciting but what almost always ends up as a detrimental experience after the deed is done. YES! I am talking about Voting!

It takes a lot of hard work to reach this age, mostly from your parents. But once you finally reach you are what the world terms as “Adults”. This is basically a fancy word which means you are now old enough to watch Mukesh Bhatt movies in theaters without having to make some ‘Jugaad’ for the tickets.

But being eighteen doesn’t mean its all fun and games (and restricted internet websites). It’s about a sense of maturity, a sense of responsibility, which develops in an individual when he/she comes of age. Now if you manage to completely ignore this nonsense part of it, your eighteenth birthday is the most fun you will have in your life.

15th Aug, not only do we celebrate Independence Day; we also celebrate the eighteenth anniversary of your beloved JAM Magazine! Although I’m guessing this co-incidence was probably a sly move from the management side to avoid giving two parties to us writers.

YES. It has been eighteen whole years since we have been entertaining and helping you in all ways possible for a magazine, we are like your fairy godmother except we don’t wear sparkly tight outfits. We have seen amazing heights, and dangerous lows and we’ve pushed through it all with the support of our ever loyal readers—you! We have endured through thick and thin and proved that we can outlast a Nokia phone. And I proudly tell you that we are no longer your average run-of-the-mill magazine. In this kickass new avatar of JAM, the writers can talk about anything from Politics to Fashion, Movies to Rock Bands, Chandni Chowk to China, and ‘the janta’ can give opinions on the matter, it is more of a social interaction point than a magazine. We have polls, we have comics, and we have extremely inane articles that guarantee a giggle even from the likes of Kristen Stewart and Arjun Rampal.

As Justin Beiber says in one of his famous songs, “BABY, BABY,BABY” , “Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”. We have had so many things trying to kill us that we are now stronger than Superman and The incredible Hulk, cooler than Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, more creative than Green Lantern, and we have bigger ‘kide’ than Spiderman and all this in the raw age of eighteen.

JAM magazine has just come of age, and as a responsible and mature magazine we will continue to provide you all the guidance and entertainment that your college professors fail to provide. We will also continue to better the magazine regularly, if you have any feedback for us, please send it to us. We promise to work on your feedback’s as soon as we are done watching all these Mukesh Bhatt movies.

Keep Jamming!

About aditya

Aditya is a humour writer and awaiting to publish his first book. He is passionate about gaming, and has trained in animation. He resides in Pune.