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Despicable Me 2

Akanksha calls this the most thrilling animation movie in a long while.

The villain turned into a father doting on three pretty young girls in the first part of this series. And in the second, he falls in love. Not very typical, but lovable.

The Felonious Gru is employed, against his wishes at first, by the Anti-Villain League to find a transmutation chemical stolen from a top secret laboratory in the most mysterious fashion. The chemical is supposed to be hidden inside a mall, and Gru is sent, along with a secret agent, undercover as a shopkeeper to find it.

And in the bid to save the world, he finds love, settles scores with a fellow villain thought to be dead, loses his minions to the transmutation chemical and finds them back again while juggling his role as a father dressed up as the fairy godmother to provide the best birthday party for his princess, a failed jelly and jam maker, and an undercover cupcake shop owner.

The pace of the movie is good, moving smoothly along the plot but the story line seems to be a bit confined. The movie revolves only around a few characters. The focus on the three girls is less as compared to the first part, where they were the protagonists. The minions provide the much needed comic relief, and are reminiscent of the zoo-zoo cartoons.

despicable lovable me

despicable lovable me

This is a movie for all age group to enjoy the movie. Even though an animated movie, kids as young as 9 and the accompanying troop as old as 50, seemed to be smiling through it on the lazy Saturday morning, just a day after the release of the movie.

Rating 3.5/5

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