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1. There are more people in the canteen than in the classes.
2. You have professors who are as clueless about the subjects as you are
3. You know more about a subject than your professor.
4. You learn more in the coaching classes than in your college.
5. Your most intense study period is between the exam warning bell and the time that your question paper lands on your table.
6. You can buy your college projects.
7. The lab equipments are as old as your grandfather.
8. The computer lab is the coolest (literally) hangout in the college.
9. The xeroxwala outside your college is your best friend.
10. When you have a horde of faltu days to celebrate Friendship Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Traditional Day.
11. Where being blacklisted is a moment of pride.
12. When vivas are conducted in your mother tongue
13. The only time a college sees complete attendance is the week of the college fest.
14. When it is actually the peons who rule the college.

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