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Delhi Fiesta

What: Hansraj College will be organising their festival Ecolloquium
When: 13th & 14th Dec
What to look out for: A lot of the events are business and management oriented since many students pursue their masters or degrees in management in future. The fest includes a wide range of events such as Mock Parliament, Macro Solutions, Paper Presentation, Quiz, Group Discussion and a variety of informal events such as Ad-Mad, JAM and treasure hunt. Cheerios till then folks and hoping to see you there.
-Shruti Saxena

What: Crossroad, the annual festival of Shreeram College
When: 19th – 22nd Dec
What to look out for: Different societies will be organising individual events in the fest. Highlights of fest are – The rock n fusion nite, pop nite which’ll see performances by Punjabi artists, and battle of DJs.

What: St. Stephen’s College is geared up for The Economic Fest
When: 19th & 20th Dec
What to look out for: The Economic Fest will see events like academic debates, paper presentation, virtual stock market, essay writing. An interesting event at the fest is Macro Solutions. Participants have to identify countries on the basis of the economic problems given to them.
– Kavita Cherian

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