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Dekho mauka, maaro chauka!

Tired of facing rejection even after a million guts in your ass? Well, we guys hear rejection as —Try again tomorrow! But if nothing seems to be working, keep this in mind…

Girls love to blabber about anything and everything. If you could lend your ears and listen to her generic crap (patiently and without any interruption), don’t be surprised if she asks you if you are free for an evening!

Gals blabber, but they also like to listen. Apart from yourself, be comfortable in discussing your male friends with her (as discussing female friends isn’t a bright option). The maximum number of individuals she can link herself to through you, the closer she is to you. Although avoid introducing them to her initially.

However bad she looks or sings, praise her every bit and every time. Never forget to compliment anything new with her or in her. This will kickstart in her the development of emotions and a strong attraction towards you.

Not in depth, but do discuss your past relationships or crushes with her.

Guys have a lot of problems and usually they want to find a solution to it, themselves. Talk about your problems (without moaning and groaning) and discuss ways to solve it with her. She will feel directly connected to you and consider herself an important aspect of your life.

Last but not the least, if you realize that you have become pretty frank and a close friend to her. Try speaking things with dual meanings. Give a notorious or mischievous smile when she asks to repeat what you said.

Trust me brother, after this if you ask her out, there is no way that she’ll let you down.

– Aditya Kaul

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