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Why is an obsessed lover being glorified?

Ashvita Singh’s take on the “love story” that audiences are going ga-ga over.

Raanjhanaa is good cinema, embellished with towering performances and flamboyant cinematography. Ranjhana wins audience to gross Rs. 31.5 crore worldwide in its opening weekend and is being gloriously christened as “love story of the year”.

The film, however, seems to have implanted an idea in the minds of audience that  it never intended to do in first place. In my analysis, the movie is about a Hindu child/boy/man (Kundan, played by an effervescent Dhanush!) falling for a beautiful Muslim girl in the neighbourhood (Zoya, played by dazzling Sonam Kapoor). Soon enough, his love metamorphoses into obsession, turning the girl’s life upside down. Unable to let go, Kundan, almost unknowingly jeopardizes the blooming life of Zoya.  But of course, no crime is without redemption and what follows thereafter is Kundan’s mere act of penance towards the girl he so truly loves. Zoya, on the other hand, having lost everything she dearly desired is in no mood to forgive and forget. Her final act against Kundan is easily vindicated owing to the loss she suffered (death of fiancée and career) at the hands of a man she didn’t even love.

For me, it was more of a Zoya’s story, her passion and loyalty towards a man she loved(Abhay Deol). Kundan was just a hounding chapter in her life that left her almost nowhere.

But not everyone got the same message, sadly. Audiences are going ga-ga over the movie about a Hindu Pundit and his unconditional love for a cold, selfish and manipulative beauty. The fact that an affluent and well educated girl chooses a man of equal calibre over a semi-literate, obsessed lover did not go well with the audience. To them, the eventual act of Kundan was not redemption but a ‘sacrifice’ for an undeserving woman. But what everyone seem to ignore is if it wasn’t for Kundan, none of this would have happened. If only he had taken the hint and stopped hassling/stalking the poor being, so many lives would have been spared.

One needs to understand that true love is about “letting go” and not “doing everything to be with”.

What Zoya did could be considered fair, given her aversion towards the man responsible for her downfall. But romanticizing the character of obsessed suitor and demonising the heroine only because she can’t reciprocate is highly unfair.


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