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You may be the Perfect Gentleman…d’yu know what she wants?

He was of a retiring nature, not prone to public displays of affection. His words were measured and he thought a great deal before making an advance in any field. Which worked both to his advantage and disadvantage, while his choices were good she did not have the patience to wait for them.

Being somewhat of a retiring nature herself, she would shy away from confrontation and would make no demands, yet his inability to give some shape to the relationship they shared frustrated her and after two years of waiting for something more than faint commitment and several stolen kisses, she decided to move on.

He being the gentleman that he was, never questioned her departure and made no attempt to stop her. She being the lady that she was, never demanded a firm commitment from him and left the town pretending that nothing had transpired between them.

And in truth nothing had, save for the unspoken feelings that both were keenly aware of and yet had never acted on.

She met him a few years later, an accident of chance had placed them in the same coffee shop, they talked and laughed and exchanged reminiscences of old times. He hadn’t changed, it was as if time stood still and the world had passed by. She on the other hand had changed, and her direct approach reflected it.

She told him she was getting married soon, she saw the hurt in his eyes, the only betrayal of what feeling he once held for her. “You didn’t expect me to wait forever, did you?” She said, her only indication that she had perceived his feelings.

He did not reply, a slight smile creased his face. “I wish the best for you.” He said.

As he rose to leave he shook her hand once more and then turned and left, ever the gentleman. She watched him go, and then sat back down, a tear trickled down her face. She didn’t care, she was now no longer the lady.

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