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Dallas Buyers Club; Review

With True Detective airing right now, Matthew McConaughey is having a great time doing what he loves – Act his heart out.

Based on a true story dating back to 1985, Dallas Buyers Club stars an incredibly skinny Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof, a Texas native and an electrician, initially homophobic and angry, he’s in denial that he could be diagnosed with a disease he associates with homosexuals.

The movie is about how he accepts the truth realizing his wild lifestyle and the probable reason behind him being diagnosed with AIDS. The movie is firstly about his fight to get a dose of a drug AZT which is not given to normal patients , its also about how he studies and finds out that this drug approved by the FDA is actually more harmful than being any good. The story unfolds as he tries to fight through with the system of the FDA simultaneously building a club for people who are sick just because they are not given the right drugs. The movie shows how Woodroof takes law in hands first for money, then for the good of people. The movies also shows how his homophobic nature changes as he befriends Ron (played by Jared Leto).

The weak point of the film is the script. It is perhaps one of the least engaging elements of a film that seemed generally designed to engage its audience. Not enough weigh is given to the legal battle of Woodroof against the FDA. Fortunately, Valle’s otherwise well-crafted film features two outstanding performances to drive it. McConaughey’s portrayal of Woodroof is amazing, as he continues to do more challenging works, he is in a definite ‘Win-Win’ situation at the Oscar’s this year. The real standout of Dallas Buyers Club, however, is Jared Leto. As Ron’s femme-identifying (and dressing) business partner Rayon, Leto is nothing short of riveting. There is one specific scene where he confronts his father – makes you drop a tear. He is going to win for the supporting role for sure.

Final Verdict : Based on a subject that should stand out, Dallas Buyers Club doesn’t quite get you there, but with performances like that you are bound to like it.

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